Welcome to Adsntech.

Why to Choose us?

We become the virtual accounting department for your business. Using the latest technology, we develop policies and procedures to streamline your accounting process. This will increase the overall efficiency of your business operations. New technology has changed accounting procedures forever. The wait is OVER—our clients have accurate and up-to-date financial information on a daily basis.
We are here to meet your needs. We will create bespoke solutions that will be customized just for you according to your needs. We can offer our services on-site and remotely
You will not have to go beyond your budget line as we provide you bookkeeping services for accounts payable, accounts receivables, bank reconciliation and payroll in a convenient monthly fixed fee. This will enable you to focus on the bottom line of your business and manage your cash flow.

What We Offer:

Job Costing
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Management
Major Expense Analysis
Inventory Management / Manage a 3rd party Inventory system
Fixed Asset Reporting and Depreciation
Work In Process (WIP)
Cash Management
Accounting System
Establishing and Maintaining Shareholder Presentations
Manager Training for Understanding and Interpreting Financial Reports
Assistance with Product Pricing Decisions
Profitability Analysis for Products and Divisions
Capital Budget Monitoring
Special Report Preparation for Investors
Accounting Rules and Regulations Compliance
Trend Tracking & Profitability Analysis
Financial Trend Analysis
Banking Relationships