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Enterprise Email Hosting give you more power, speed and stability to successfully run your email services smoothly. If your Email Server responding slow, load or your email communication is critical, want instant scalability or you want maximum performance, then Enterprise Email Hosting is just what you need…
In a nutshell, an email hosting provider is a company renting out space in one of its servers for users to store their emails. There is a large pool of email hosting services out there for businesses to pick and choose from. Professional email hosting providers usually vary in terms of what they offer, such as disk space, trial period, pricing, supporting authentication protocols, and so on.
Perhaps the only case where an everyday regular person pays for any email service is when you have a ton of vacation photos that force you to get a family email hosting plan. However, if you are a business that deals with sensitive data, and with today’s strict privacy laws such as GDPR most data are sensitive, you most probably do need a dedicated email server hosting. After all, no one wants to pay a hefty fine for a data breach or unintentional mishandling.
Another security aspect that some businesses are concerned with is the ability to use encrypted email hosting. Let’s take a look at the following scenario to better understand this.
Imagine you are an insurance company dealing with a large volume of reimbursement claims for medical treatment. Before any of those claims can be approved, a standard request is sent to a hospital asking for the medical records of the patient. This is done just to confirm that the cause for the hospital admission was not a pre-existing condition or substance use that falls outside the insurance policy coverage. This would mean that you need to be a HIPAA-compliant entity to be able to share or store this type of information via an encrypted email hosting solution.
Before we dive into the details, it’s important to differentiate between a hosted email provider, webmail, and an email client, as these three are often looked at as one. As an example, let’s take Bluehost as an email hosting provider, discontinued Outlook Express as an email client, and Gmail as webmail. Any given business can purchase a plan from Bluehost to store, receive and send emails from their servers. The very same business will need a tool to write, read and access those emails, that tool is called MUA (Mail User Agent). This can be done either via an email client (Outlook Express) or webmail (Gmail).
Using webmail, one would send, receive and read emails via a web-based application that is connected to a cloud email hosting solution and does not download the actual files to local computer storage. An email client, on the other hand, is a desktop application that downloads emails from the server to a computer and reads them from local storage.