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What is VOIP Service

Every time you use your Mac or Windows computer to call someone using the internet, you are using VoIP. For instance, when you use Skype or Facebook Messenger, these are VoIP applications.
VoIP converts your phone calls into data that is sent over the internet. You can use the Ethernet cables or skip them if you have a strong Wi-Fi signal. It does so at a much lower cost than older telephone systems. Voice over IP has many advantages over traditional phone service
Voice over IP is the way of the future and will provide savings that will positively impact on the bottom line for a proactive business. This system is suited to small or large businesses with single or multiple offices or businesses with a growing number staff needing dedicated phone lines. VoIP utilises your current VDSL or Ultra Fast Broadband service.
Clients who switch to VoIP do so when:
Their monthly phone bill scares them.
They want more functionality.
They are moving to new premises with no Telco solution in place
They are tired of the poor customer service

Big savings of up to 70% on phone calls and line rentals.
Greatly improved functionally features the usual cost extra (Telco’s normally charge extra)
Caller ID
Call waiting
Transferable to new premises

What are the three types of VoIP services?

In essence, there are three types of VoIP Service: In-house, hosted and hybrid.
Inhouse VoIP Systems. These can be found in the very large down to the small business.
Hosted VoIP systems.
Hybrid systems.

What is VoIP and do I need it? Image result for What is VoIP used for? A VoIP system converts analog voice signals into digital signals over your broadband connection. A VoIP server is used to connect calls to other telephone networks. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, which includes a router and modem, you are ready to use a VoIP.