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Adsntech, provides enterprise cyber security solutions including Enterprise Data Protection, Compliance Management, Security Consulting Services, and Managed Security Services. We provide head-to-toe protection for your business.
We Provides:

Penetration testing
System & data security
Endpoint security
VPN & proxy services
Web security
Network security
Cloud security
Mobile App security


We support you with classic project management as well as collaboration in classified information projects. Our service also includes consulting for meeting compliance and security requirements according to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in addition to IT security audits.

Our service approach is holistic, taking all system, product lifecycle phases and organizational factors into account.

We aim to provide you the details and valuable insights that are the identification of those breaches keeping your organization ahead of any threats and attacks. The era of information technology raises the need of 24/7 surveillance of the omnipresent cyber threats. The ever-increasing use of digital platforms and IT services embedded in everyday business needs, calls for a thorough vulnerability assessment and enhanced network security. We are your one-stop solution to all information security threats.
At Adsntech, we provide a full range of tailored information and cybersecurity services. From comprehensive security audits to detailed penetration testing and reviews, we are always ready to reduce and eliminate every cyber threat to your business and IT infrastructure. We outpace our competitors with agile vulnerability assessments and smooth IT solutions, making us one of the most trusted information security companies across the globe.

Our goal in red teaming is to obtain realistic data about the level of risks and vulnerabilities in your technology, people and assets. Through Multi Blended attacks, Social Engineering, Physical Penetration Testing, Application Penetration testing we obtain real time detection of malicious threats.
Our Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment goes far beyond the scope of a typical security audit—it provides a foundational analysis on which you can build a truly robust and resilient cybersecurity program. Our deep expertise in enterprise technology, cloud computing, digital operations, and other relevant areas ensures that we can help you not only develop a powerful cybersecurity strategy, but implement it effectively.